The Gleam Team


At the Gleam Team, we believe it is essential that we do all we can to protect and maintain our environment  for our quality of life now and that of future generations to the best of our ability.

We are committed to reducing our negative environmental impact; the following are some of the positive solutions we are currently using:

  • We use washable micro-fibre clothes and, where possible ,flat mops which means that we minimise the use of cleaning chemicals and  because they are colour coded, prevent cross contamination.
  • The cleaning products we use have minimal environmental impact.  The manufacturer states that in all products ‘the surfactant is readily broken down by the effluent treatment process’ and none of the products ‘contain any substances expected to be bioaccumulating’.
  • We decant cleaning products from 5lt. Containers to 750ml/1ltr. Trigger sprays.  We do not use any aerosols.
  • We recycle all cardboard, paper, ink cartidges, batteries, etc. at our Head Office and work with our  customers in their recycling schemes.

We are always looking to reduce our impact on the environment and this includes:

  • Reviewing and sourcing new products which have even lower environmental impact.
  • Ensuring that all new equipment purchases will be as energy efficient as is affordable.
  • Working with our Customers and their Environmental policy.

Getting Smarter… Going Greener

We welcome to The Gleam Team, our two new additions. The Smart cars join the fleet as we continue our ethos of ensuring that, even our motoring, has minimal environmental impact. We are always looking at ways to protect the environment and ensure that we are as energy efficient as possible. The Smart cars are developed using eco-friendly parts and the process is tracked by an ecological control system. The production processes are also designed to be kinder to the environment, using painting processes that use 40% less energy than conventional methods and have no solvent emissions.


The Smart cars are also surprisingly roomy inside, comfortably fitting a Henry Hoover and the tools needed for a basic clean. However, the cars will primarily be used by the management team for quoting and supervising contracts.